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Dr Wilfried Haerty

Group Leader, Haerty Group

As Group Leader of Evolutionary Genomics, my current research interests focus on characterising functional non-coding sequences and the evolutionary constraints acting on these elements across many species with a strong focus on mammalian genomes. Another significant part of my research involves the identification and characterisation of functional long non-coding RNAs in humans. I use comparative genomics approaches to quantify the action of selection acting on non-coding elements, with a strong focus on the patterns of sequence variation among populations.

Previous to the Earlham Institute, I joined the MRC FGU (Oxford), being involved in multiple genome projects (Coelacanth, painted turtle, cichlids) and studying the evolution of long non-coding RNAs in multiple eukaryotes. Before this, I started a postdoctoral position at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) studying F1 hybrid sterility and the evolutionary patterns of rapidly diverging coding sequences. There, I transitioned from wet lab biology to computational biology expanding my interests in comparative genomics and the evolution of repeated sequences. I completed my PhD in population genetics and speciation in Drosophila from the University of Paris VI.


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