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Prof. Charles Brearley

Professor of Biochemistry

Charles’ relevant research focuses on the enzymology and structural biology of inositide- and phosphoinositide-converting enzymes. The group group has developed powerful assays that interrogate inositide and phosphoinositide binding with particular emphasis among lipid phosphatases on SHIP1 and SHIP2 and among inositide kinases on IPK1 and IPTKs. The group has solved crystal structures of enzymes with bound inositide, surrogate and inhibitory ligands. In an exciting new development the laboratory has collaborated with Vasily Oganesyan and Barry Potter to develop predictive spectroscopic tools that will allow rational design of easily assayed substrates for these enzymes.

All these tools and especial expertise in the analysis of stereoisomerism of inositol phosphates are being applied in medicinal chemistry contexts.

The laboratory has long-standing expertise in inositol hexakisphosphate/phytase enzymology/biology with considerable industrial support.


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