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Prof. Mette Mogensen

Associate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

Our research is focused on microtubules and the centrosome and their roles in epithelial differentiation, remodelling and migration in health and cancer. The aims are to determine how microtubules and their associated proteins influence epithelial development and how loss of polarity and tissue architecture progresses into an invasive cancer state. We are also interested in dietary compounds such as sulforaphane that influence the cytoskeletal and have potential health and therapeutic benefits in the fight against cancer.


A combination of tissue and in vitro 2 and 3D model systems together with cell and molecular techniques and advanced microscopy are being used in the following investigations:

  • Effects of deregulation of microtubule dynamics on tissue architecture, epithelial remodeling, invasion and cancer progression.
  • Effects of sulforaphane on the cytoskeleton and cell invasion and its potential role in prevention of cancer and tumour progression.
  • Analysis of potential candidate bio-markers for early diagnosis of breast cancer


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