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Therapeutic targets/fundamental mechanisms (Cell targets)

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Prof. Dylan Edwards

Pro-Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at UEA

Dylan Edwards is a molecular biologist principally interested in the functions of the human “degradome” – the repertoire of proteases and their inhibitors that cells and tissues use during tissue remodelling processes in development, tissue repair and disease states. A major focus of the work of the laboratory is on cancer, where we are studying proteases to identify novel diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets, and to identify the cellular and molecular mechanisms of extracellular proteases. From 2004-9 he was Coordinator of the European Union Framework Programme 6 “Cancerdegradome” Project, which involved 41 Partner laboratories in 13 countries, and from 2011-15 was a partner in the FP7 “SaveMe” project on pancreatic cancer imaging and therapy using nanoparticles.


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