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Dr Darrell Green

Group Leader / Lecturer

Darrell is a molecular biologist interested in RNA silencing. His group uses several model systems (human, mouse, virus, etc.). His research combines genetics, cell and molecular biology with next generation sequencing and bioinformatics to study the role of microRNAs in various biological processes.

A major theme of research is sarcoma or bone and soft tissue tumours. These cancers typically affect younger people (< 30 years). Darrell’s group develop and apply novel molecular techniques to study small RNAs that regulate protein coding gene expression during metastasis. Darrell’s group have been at the forefront of developing single cell RNA seq in circulating tumour cells and discovery of novel small RNAs. As well as understanding the fundamental mechanisms that underpin small RNA regulation of gene expression, the therapeutic potential is that pro-metastatic small RNAs may be targeted using antisense based gene therapies and/or tumour suppressive small RNAs may be replaced with RNA mimics.


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