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Dr Anja Mueller

Senior Lecturer

The chemokine receptors CCR5 and CXCR4 act as a co-receptor for the HIV virus and together with other chemokine receptors, they have also been implicated in migration of cancerous cells. Our main interest lies in understanding the signal transduction induced by these receptors. It is well known that chemokine receptor activation leads to an increase in the release of intracellular calcium and ultimately cell migration. We want to investigate how the receptors can activate cell migration and determine which signaling networks are involved in this. With the aid of pharmacological inhibitors we already have identified different signaling networks which are involved in migration. In the future we want to concentrate on specific proteins like beta-arrestins, which play a critical role in cell migration. We aim to understand how different chemokine receptor can activate migration in cells and which signaling networks play a role in chemotaxis.


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