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Dr Sheng Qi

Reader in Pharmaceutics

Qi’s lab actively works with patients, clinicians, regulatory bodies and medicine manufacturers to develop new commercially viable treatment solutions for unmet medical needs. With a fast moving healthcare trend focusing on personalised prevention, diagnostics and drug use, we believe that targeted drug delivery and small-batch, on-demand personalised medicine manufacturing needs to be developed and can improve therapeutic outcomes and patients’ quality of life.

Our research in relation to cancer is currently focused on the following 2 areas:

  • Nanocarrier-based targeted drug delivery technologies for treating colon and liver cancers.
  • Personalised injectable and implantable delivery systems for treating solid tumours. As an example, anti-cancer agent loaded implants can be manufactured by 3D printing to fit the void created by solid tumour removal. The size, shape and drug loading can be tailored to each patient’s need.

Funders: Royal Society, Newton Fund, EIRA


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