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Prof. Michael McArthur

Professor of Nanomedicine

Michael McArthur is a Molecular Microbiologist with over 15 years experience of academic and biotechnology research. His defining scientific interest is how the control of bacterial genes can be used to create new antibacterials. Michael gained his PhD from University of Cambridge and has held academic positions in the EU (John Innes Centre, ICMB in Crete) and University of Washington, Seattle. Whilst there his technologies were used to found a diagnostics company, Regulome Inc, for whom he served as Director of Research. Recently he was appointed the Professor of Nanomedicine at the School of Medicine, UEA. Currently Prof. McArthur is the CSO (and co-founder) of Procarta Biosystems Ltd. The company is developing a pipeline of nanoparticulate oligonucleotide antibacterials to treat both Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens.