Dr Rashed Sobhan

Research Associate

Magnetic Resonance Physics


My current research investigates the integrity of blood brain barrier (BBB) for mild cognitive impairment (MCI) subjects using dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE)-MRI. This project integrates the state-of-art techniques for the typically subtle BBB leakage observed in cerebral small vessel diseases and looks into the effect of dietary interventions.


My recently-completed, NIH-USA-funded PhD (at University of East Anglia) proposed methods that aid the automation of dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC)-MRI analysis for glioma patients. During the PhD and current RA position, I am involved in modelling contrast agent uptake in brain tissue, processing the dynamic MR images, and establishing an end-to-end automated MRI analysis pipeline.


Prior to these works, I worked on gene selection from cancer dataset at Queen Mary, University of London during my MSc (in Medical Electronics and Physics) and on ocular image processing for assessment of diabetic neuropathy during my BSc (in Applied Physics, Electronics, and Communication Engineering) at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.