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Dr María Paz Muñoz

Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Paz is a Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry working at the interface of organic-organometallic and physical organic chemistry.

Her research focusses on using allenes as building blocks in their reaction with nucleophiles in the presence of (bi)metallic complexes towards the synthesis of natural product type molecules with potential biological activities.

More recently, she has started using allenes substituted with donor groups as a new class of ligands for metal complexes that can be used as metallodrugs. In this context, two classes of coordination compounds can be obtained: Complexes in which the allene core of the ligand is preserved and the metal is ‘’captured’’ by the allene substituents; and complexes in which the metal activates the allene towards the intramolecular attack of one of the donor substituents forming carbene-type structures. The biological activity of these complexes is currently being investigated as anticancer, antimicrobial and antifungal agents, as well as their interaction with imotif DNA in collaboration with Dr Marín and Dr Waller from the NCRN group and the Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery with promising results.

The group is also developing new dual-color fluorometric assays for cytotoxicity and viability assays to aid in the discovery of new anticancer therapeutic agents.


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