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Dr Jasenka Mazibrada

Consultant Histopathologist

Gynaecological Oncology

1. My current research interests are in the area of Gynaecological Oncology. I am involved in the development of several projects from the area of cervical and ovarian carcinogenesis. In collaboration with the Viral Pathogenesis Lab at the University of Turin, Italy, I participate in a project aimed to elucidate how post-translational protein modifications such as citrullination affect HPV-associated cervical carcinogenesis. The collaboration with he NNUH Gynaecology team is aimed at the identification of new molecules implicated in BRCA- associated ovarian carcinogenesis which hopefully would lead into more comprehensive characterisation of these tumours, this being a prerequisite to develop novel therapeutic strategies. The evaluation of the interaction between gut and ovarian carcinoma microbiome in relation to the clinico-pathological characteristics of tumours is planned in the collaboration with the Quadram Institute.

2. I am also interested in the Fourier transform InfraRed microspectroscopy (microFTIR) and its use as an alternative diagnostic tool in histopathological diagnostics. To this end, FTIR imaging data were collected from the tissues affected by amyloidosis at  Diamond Synchrotron MIRIAM beamline B22 at Diamond Light Source facility and we are currently working on data analysis. Several other projects have also been submitted for experimental session at the Diamond Light Source facility.