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Prof. Dmitry Pshezhetskiy

Professorial Research Fellow

Prof Pshezhetskiy is an academic clinician with a special interest in cancer molecular and cell biology and cancer therapies.

We have worked on molecular mechanisms of chemoresistance and have developed, published and patented new nanoparticle systems for cancer treatment (WO/2018/115835 Anticancer agents). This combination nanoparticle is a unique targeted drug delivery system capable of homing to cancer sites with great accuracy and sequentially delivering synergistic molecular and chemotherapies and imaging molecules without harming the individual. Preliminary preclinical testing in human in vivo models of prostate cancer showed that these nanoparticles have significantly higher efficacy and better toxicity profiles than either free chemotherapy or existing nanoparticle therapies (Wang et al Sci Rep 2017; Alshaker et al Breast Cancer Res Treat 2017).

Our current work on the regulation of cancer cell genome and transcriptome (Alshaker et al Front Pharmacol 2019) has led us to investigate an intriguing phenomenon of horizontal transfer of epigenetic information, where the changes in 3D chromosome structures are passed from solid tumours to the microenvironment.


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