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Prof. Caitlin Notley

Professor of Addiction Sciences

Caitlin’s program of applied research focuses on tobacco smoking relapse prevention, particularly targeting vulnerable populations. She has a particular interest in tobacco harm reduction approaches to treatment, and supporting maintenance of positive behaviour change for cancer prevention. Her team have expertise in quantitative and qualitative applied research methods, with specialist expertise in developing and evaluating complex interventions. Caitlin has led the Cochrane review of financial incentives for smoking cessation and is a core member of the Cochrane tobacco group reviewing the evidence on the effectiveness of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. Currently Caitlin is leading:

The BabyBreathe trial – A randomised controlled trial of a complex intervention to prevent return to smoking postpartum

The NeSCi study – Smoking cessation intervention development for parents of babies admitted to neonatal intensive care

She is also joint lead on the following projects:

COSTED trial – Smoking cessation in the Emergency Department: a randomised controlled trial

The C19 health behaviour tracking study – A daily monitoring study tracking health behaviours, including smoking, alcohol, substance use, diet, physical activity and wellbeing, during the coronavirus pandemic.

TRAJECT – Trajectories of dual e-cigarette and tobacco use

E Cig-O – Developing an ontology of e cigarette related terminology


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