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Prof. Anne Osbourn

Professor and Group Leader

Anne’s research focuses on plant natural products – biosynthesis, function, and mechanisms of metabolic diversification.  Her discovery that the genes for many of these pathways are organize din plant genomes like ‘beads on a string’ has greatly accelerated the ability to find new pathways and chemistries of potential importance for the development of drugs (including anti-cancer agents) and other useful compounds.  She has also developed a synthetic biology platform for rapid gram-scale production, using triterpenes as an exemplar.

Current research priorities are:

  • Triterpene biosynthesis, enzyme and pathway discovery
  • Genome mining for natural product pathways
  • Production of natural products, analogs and new-to-nature molecules for drug and chemical discovery programmes

Funders: BBSRC, EPSRC, NIH, industry


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