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Prof. Ann Marie Swart

Norwich Clinical Trials Unit Director/Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology

Ann Marie is a medically qualified clinical trialist with trials experience in endometrial and ovarian cancer with the MRC CTU at UCL and in Norwich with a broad portfolio of drug, device and complex intervention trials.  A flagship trial at the Norwich CTU is the Prepare ABC trial in collaboration with Mr James Hernon from NNUHFT and Professor John Saxton from Northumbria University.  The trial assesses the risks and benefits of exercise prehabiliation in individuals who are scheduled for curative surgery for colorectal cancer. She is also involved in ‘repurposing’ trials where older drugs are assessed for potential benefit such as statins for oesophageal cancer, aspirin for a range of cancers.

Norwich CTU has over 30 active trials, predominantly funded by NIHR.  We are a multidisciplinary group of data management, clinical trial operations, quality assurance, regulatory, statistics, health economics and process evaluation experts.  We work collaboratively with clinical investigators and support over 30 applications per year to funders including NIHR and major charities.

Funders: NIHR


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