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Dr Andrew Chantry

Associate Professor

The Chantry laboratory has an interest in the regulation of oncogenic signaling mechanisms, and particularly linked to protein homeostasis and the ubiquitin proteasome system. We have a translational and drug discovery focus, and have projects aimed at developing new types of inhibitor that selectively target ubiquitin ligase enzymes. Our lab has established high throughput ubiquitin ligase assay screens and cancer cell assays. We work with structural biologists and organic/medicinal chemists across the NRP and externally to support biophysical and fragment-based crystallographic refinement of our current portfolio of lead compounds. As well as developing new small molecule inhibitors, we are interested in identifying new ligands for ubiquitin ligases that can be adapted to artificially hijack and destroy specific oncoproteins using an emerging technology known as PROTAC (Proteolytic Targeting Chimaeras). More recently, we have been developing this technology further into small molecule ‘Molecular Glues’ as an approach that brings together specific ubiquitin ligases more tightly with select target oncoprotein substrates to enhance their proteasome-mediated turnover.

Funders: PCUK, BigC, EIRA.


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