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Dr Anastasia Sobolewski

Lecturer in Pharmacology / Principal Investigator

Research in the Sobolewski Lab focuses on understanding the mucosal environment of the lung and gut during health, inflammation and cancer. In particular, we investigate how gut and lung epithelial stem cells are modulated by the inflammatory and tumour microenvironment. We employ primary experimental models that mirror the in vivo setting and use 3-D cultures of innate immune cells (macrophages and granulocytes) and epithelial cells (organoids and tumouroids) to study these complex cellular interactions.

Current projects:

  • Intercellular communication in non-small cell lung cancer: Targeting tunneling nanotubes to regulate cancer progression
  • Cell-matrix and growth factor receptor crosstalk in non-small cell lung cancer growth
  • Cellular mechanisms of chronic inflammation and colon cancer progression
  • Dietary regulation of gut mucosal immunity and colon cancer


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